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Quest Campaign Template for Notion

Quest Campaign Template for Notion

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Save time and organize your Quest RPG campaign with this template for Notion. Included are several pre-made templates and databases for your quests, campaign locations, treasure, NPCs, player characters, an in-game guide resource, a trials planner, and more!

I created this template based off pages of notes I've had in Notion planning out the campaign I have been running as the Guide with my friends the past year. I have created a set of (many very silly) example characters, NPCs, treasure items, quests, locations and more in there. Feel free to use those in your campaigns or delete them and add your own ideas!

This work conforms to the Quest Creators Resource and attribution can be found within the template. Please purchase Quest to get the most out of this template and so you can input the great stuff you'll need into the template!

Download the free PDF here for Quest here:

This template can be used with a FREE account with Notion. NO PHYSICAL PRODUCT WILL BE DELIVERED. Digital download only.

Copyright Minva Tabletop Co. All Rights Reserved. Available for personal use only.
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