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In the Lore Keeper 5e Notion Template, you'll find everything you need to start your own TTRPG adventures quickly and methodically. Stay organized using our pre-built templates in our databases for adventures, treasure, locations, and much more. The Lore Keeper is the digital binder you wish you had years ago!

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Databases & Templates

Included in each database are premade templates to help you quickly create new entries like magical items, adventures, locations in your world, and much more.

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What is Notion?

This template uses Notion, a powerful note organizing tool that you can use for FREE. In the Lore Keeper template, we've already set up the workflow between databases, pages, and notes so you can get started right away!

Related Databases

Easily connect data between adventures, locations, NPCs/Monsters, and characters. Easily click through details such as items in a character's inventory and items that can be found in quests.

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Skill Challenge Planner

Use our premade templates to plan skill challenges for your party!

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Simplify campaign management, character tracking, and world-building with our meticulously designed Notion...