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Lore Keeper D&D 5e Campaign Planner for Notion

Lore Keeper D&D 5e Campaign Planner for Notion

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In the Lore Keeper 5e Notion Template, you'll find everything you need to start your own TTRPG adventures quickly and methodically. Stay organized using our pre-built templates in our databases for adventures, treasure, locations, and much more. The Lore Keeper is the digital binder you wish you had years ago! Use this template with a FREE account from Notion and supercharge your game.

  • Create your own custom adventures with a few clicks.
  • Never worry about where to start, as our Notion system has all the templates you need.
  • Get complete support for SRD 5e rules, and enjoy random table generators for any adventure game.
  • Databases for Adventures, Locations, Treasures, NPCs/Monsters, Character Profiles, and more are all interconnected with Notion Relation fields
  • World-building tools for setting, creating your first town, secrets, and more!

With Notion, you can also easily invite your players to collaborate on the player character database or session zero guide before you play. Included on your dashboard are quick access links to each database, tips, and tricks on how to use Notion and our templates, and links to D&D resources and guides.

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  • Overview and Demonstration

    A quick overview of the features within the Lore Keeper 5e Template and how it can help you plan your next campaign.

  • Review by Roll 4 Initiative

    An honest review or Lore Keeper 5e Campaign Planner from our friends at Roll 4 Initiative.

  • DnD Notion Template

    This template works seamlessly with Notion and is easily duplicated into your workspace. Haven't used Notion before? Don't worry! We've included instructions on how to get setup and all you need is a FREE account to get started. Never pay for a subscription like DnD Beyond ever again.

  • Dungeon Master Tools

    We've included several pages and databases to help you create your world lore like setting question and prompts, a session zero page, a guide to creating your first town, and even a page with references to 5e rules.

  • DnD Campaign Planner

    We've included interconnected databases like adventurers, NPCs, treasures, and more that can be easily linked together for easy reference and planning. Never worry about keeping track of different files or flipping through books looking for the stats of a NPC. Just click the NPC linked to that adventure and you're there!

Video Review by Roll 4 Initiative

D&D campaign template

Lore Keeper is the ultimate Notion template for Dungeon Masters and players running a Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign. With powerful databases for tracking quests, NPCs, and combat encounters, Lore Keeper keeps all your game management needs organized and accessible in one place. The easy-to-use interface and customizable features make Lore Keeper the perfect tool for any D&D game. Take your campaign to the next level with Lore Keeper - the ultimate D&D campaign template in Notion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Alfred Taylor
So Wonderful for Over Detailed Content

I love how I can go as crazy as I want with my details for my world

James G
really cool, better than a subscription

wow this template and using notion has been a game changer. it took a little bit to understand hwo notion works but way better than using anything else i have used

Works well

easy to use

Well organized template.

Loaded easily.

Product is an immediate download.

Very easy to use. Love how easy it is to link pages and to customize the info on the pre-designed pages.