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Character Compendium 5e Notion Template

Character Compendium 5e Notion Template

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In the Character Compendium 5e Notion Template, you'll find everything you need to keep track of all your characters, campaigns, session notes, and more. Stay organized using our pre-built templates in our databases that link with easier to make it even easier to find

- Create new characters easily with pre-made templates including databases for inventory and spells
- Get complete support for SRD 5e rules, and enjoy an included reference guide
- Databases for Campaigns, Session Notes, and your Characters. All are interconnected with Notion Relation fields for easy referencing.
- This is your one-stop guide to everything you need as a player

Never used Notion before? Also included are instructions on how to get set up and Notion tips and tricks on your dashboard.

Have a great adventure!

Please Note: This is a digital download that will be delivered immediately through email and your account. No physical item will be delivered. This template uses Notion ( which is FREE and required to make use of this template.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great to keep everything organized

I can’t wait to finish adding all my characters in and start planning our campaign here, it seems like it will be very seamless to get all needed information!

It's nice

It's nice to be able to hold multiple campaigns in one notebook and easily find my notes

A great notion

A great notion to use to help plan and create a layout for DnD characters

Very easy to use and customize

Very easy to use and customize. I'd never used Notion before but have been having a lot of fun building a database from years of notes on a long-running campaign.

I can tell this is going to revolutionise how I build my characters and how I take notes.

I can tell this is going to revolutionise how I build my characters and how I take notes.