Free Downloads

Below are free RPG resources for you to use! Feel free to share and use these in any personal games. We'd love it if you credit us but honestly, we're just hoping you have fun playing!

Get our Fantasy & Fable : Wonderous Hooks Vol 1. FREE

When you subscribe to our newsletter, you'll get a free PDF download of our first volume of our Fantasy & Fable: Wonderous Hooks supplement that is system agnostic that will work with any TTRPG system like D&D, Pathfinder, OSR games and more! Inside are 12 short hooks that can inspire any main or side quest with a key NPC, monster, and loot list!

  • D&D Spirits and Potions Labels Preview

    These are retro inspired printable labels you can stick to any bottle and use as a prop for your game! They are sized at 4x4in but can be sized down to fit your needs.

  • Minimal Character Sheet Sample

    This is a sample of our best-selling minimal character sheet! It contains an abridged quick look version for you to try out for free.

  • Session Zero Guide Sample

    We created a short guide accompanying our Session Zero sheets and we're providing this for free as a quick-look guide. If you like it, take a look at the full product with fillable sheets and more!