What D&D Accessories Do I Really Need?

What D&D Accessories Do I Really Need?

Character Sheet and Resources

The number one D&D accessory you need is your character sheet! You can use the original one from D&D but we found that it didn't meet most of our needs. This is why we designed a character sheet from the ground up, providing all the stats & info on the first page as well as spells and character background sheets. You could even create your own character sheet to fit your needs depending on your character with using paper and pencil or creating one on Photoshop.

D&D New Character Bundle
D&D 5e | Bundle

Looking to start a new character for a brand new campaign with your friends? This bundle contains all of our best-selling minimally designed character resources: Character Sheet, Session Notes, Spell and Item Cards, and Initiative Tracker Cards.

Minimal D&D Character Sheet
D&D 5e

Looking for a clean and minimal character sheet for your campaign or game? This sheet might be for you and simplifies the design from the original d&d character sheet.


Minimal D&D Spell and Item Cards
D&D 5e

These print-at-home cards are great to have your items or spells easily availble, and are great for homebrew spells and items. They are standard playing card sized, and can be sleeved!


Dice are a very important part of most tabletop RPGs. These polyhedral objects can help determine the success or failure of certain actions. There are many different types of dice with varying numbers of sides and special shapes, so it's important to have at least one of each type. They also come in different styles and colors and are one of the enjoyable D&D accessories to customize your game.

There are a couple of different dice available to use but you should at least have one of each of these: d20, d12, d10, d8, d6, d4. There is also a percentile dice that comes with sets, but it isn't necessary because it is usually only needed on special occasions. Most likely your DM will have one.

Haxtec Antique Iron
DND Metal Dice Set
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Haxtec Swirl
DND Dice Set
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DND Dice Set 25 x 7
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Dice Accessories

Just as there are a plethora of different colors and shapes of dice, there are just as many accessories available to store and roll them in. That is why there are so many accessories made to store and roll them that range from bags to protect your dice to trays and vaults designed for more convenience. Below are our recommendations.

Forged Dice Co. Pouch
of Endless Hoard

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D&D Beholder Dice Tray

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Wodden D&D Dice Box

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Dungeon Masters: DM Screen

One of the quintessential D&D accessories for a DM is a Dungeon Master Screen. The Dungeon Master Screen provides a safe space for DMs to look through their notes and stat blocks and keep suspense by hiding die rolls. The DM Screen is a quick reference for the rules, with panels on the side so that the DM doesn't have to flip through the manual. There are official D&D DM screens available, but you can also print out or write your own panels onto 3rd party DM screens, like the one below. That way you can customize your quick reference rules to the way you play with your party including homebrew rules and mechanics.

D&D Dungeon Master's
Screen Reincarnated

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Stratagem The Master's Tome
4-Panel Customizable GM Screen

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D&D Accessories Enhance Your Game

Most people don't realize that you can have just as much fun without all the D&D accessories. You can enjoy your game without buying any of the add-ons and still be able to hold a decent party. The most important part is that you get out there and play! Once you have a great party and regular game going, then you can start to take a look at all these D&D accessories. But I won't blame you if you want to at least have a couple nice-looking dice with you in the beginning!

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