Here's Why You Should Start Using Spell Cards

Here's Why You Should Start Using Spell Cards

Whether you're new to the game, or an experienced player, using cards is the perfect way to keep track of spells for any role-playing game.

What are Spell Cards?

Spell Cards are cards that you can use to reference your spells in-game rather than on your character sheet. There are official cards made for the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop role-playing games like Quest. You could even buy blank cards or print out DIY spell cards to customize it the way you want. They have all the information about spells on them so that you don't need to flip through your rulebook or search online for it. You can just grab a card and look at it as needed.

The official D&D cards themselves are divided into different types, such as those for clerics, those for druid, those for wizards, etc. The cards also come with a label on the back which tells you what type of card it is and what kind of spell is on it (such as "Cleric" or "Wizard").

If you play a different role-playing game or you want something different from the official D&D, you could you just even cut up some blank pieces of paper and make your own cards. You could even find some custom designs like our D&D Spell Cards online to suit your tastes and needs. Customers often make their cards look more rustic by coffee-staining them or using other techniques. Coffee-staining is one of the most popular ways to quickly age the paper.

What are the Benefits of Playing with D&D Spell Cards?

Some players might find it faster and more immersive to read out spells with cards rather than looking up spells in their book. Spell cards allow them to focus on the game and not get distracted by what spell they need next. Cards are right at your fingertips and having a physical card will make it easier to find than reading the information off a sheet. You could even spice it up with different colored card sleeves to differentiate between levels. Especially if you're a player used to playing card or board games, it can help you plan your next move ahead of time.

Players that play spell-casters can use their cards to immerse themselves in the game. They could even incorporate the cards into their character's backstory, instead of having a spellbook. Maybe their spells are inscribed on magic cards!

Start Using Spell Cards Today to Make Your Games More Exciting!

There's a reason why card games are still going strong today and many popular board games use them. Card games aren't going anywhere- board games still use them and they're becoming more popular in the digital world too. Spell card decks are a way to improve the efficiency and fun of playing tabletop RPGs. Players can give themselves a quick reference for the spell they want to cast, while game masters can use them to add more immersion and excitement to their games. If you play a character with powerful spells or many skills, it's worth giving this a shot. Check out the official D&D cards here and our very own aesthetic D&D Spell Cards.

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