DND Campaign Journal for Players with Free Sticker and Discounted Dice!

DND Campaign Journal for Players with Free Sticker and Discounted Dice

DND Campaign Journal for Players

Free Stickers with our DND Campaign Journal For Players

Embarking on a D&D campaign is a deeply personal experience, and your tools should reflect that. With each D&D Character Journal purchase, we're gifting you a free sticker from our store: Trust the Dice Nat 20, Warning! This is a Mimic Sticker, Potion of Greater Healing, Green D20, and Trust the Dice Nat 1. 

Perfect for players and game masters alike, the Record of Adventure 5e Character Journal is a must-have accessory for immersive roleplaying experiences. Choose an additional free sticker from us and an optional mystery potion dice bottle. 

See what makes our journal special:

  • 5.5" x 8.5" (US Digest Size)
  • 64 pages, saddle-stitched
  • Soft touch laminated cover (front and back)
  • High-quality 80lb paper inside, 100lb cover
  • Pages
    • 1 Character Sheet, 1 Character Art, 4 Spell Pages, quick reference, spell book, 5 Item and Inventory, 3 Character Details/Backstory, 3 Companion Sheets
    • 2 Campaign Notes, 11 Session Notes
    • 2 NPC & Allies
    • 4 Major Location Notes, 4 Regular Location Notes
    • 6 Custom Template List Pages
    • 19 Dot Grid Blank Pages

DND Character Journal

Add a Touch of Mystery: Discounted Mystery Potion Dice Bottle

But wait, there's more to this deal! Along with the sticker, we've got an optional extra that's sure to add some excitement to your gaming sessions. Consider our discounted dice set, which comes in a neat glass corked potion bottle container with custom label. Open up the bottle to find a set of dice that's different from any you've seen before.

DND Campaign Journal

As lovers of tabletop RPGs, we're excited to bring you this deal that celebrates your love for storytelling and adventure. The D&D Character Journal: Record of Adventure now comes with a free sticker and the option to grab a discounted dice set, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your games. Whether you're new to the game or an experienced dungeon master, this deal shows how much we care about making your adventures even more awesome. Capture your stories, create memories, and take your D&D experience up a notch. Dive into this fantastic deal and upgrade your D&D journey today!

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