Feb 05, 2022

D&D Homebrew Magic Items: The Best Accounts to Follow

Looking for some D&D homebrew items to spice things up in your game? Here are our favorite accounts to follow for creative D&D homebrew magic items and D&D homebrew weapons.

The Griffon's Saddlebag

The artist(s) at The Griffon's Saddlebag create great illustrated items for D&D campaigns every single day on their Instagram! They also sell books and cards on their website containing one of the largest collections of physical homebrew cards available now. Check them out here:

Dungeon Masters Workshop

The Dungeon Master's Workshop is another great resource for you to use and take inspiration for your own D&D homebrew magical items. They also release content for NPCs, adventures and more.

The Fantastic Emporium

The Fantastic Emporium releases creative homebrew items, monsters and subclassses for D&D 5e. The artist does everything from the whole design to the stats.

Our Minimal Spell & Item Cards

Of course, if you have any ideas or are taking inspiration from any of the awesome accounts above, you'll need something to write them on and use in your games! Our print-at-home spell & item cards are great to have your items or spells easily availble, and are great for homebrew spells and items. They are standard playing card sized, and can be sleeved! Buy now

D&D Session Zero Guide
D&D Session Zero Guide
D&D 5e

It is almost a necessity to do a Session Zero before starting a long campaign or even for a one-shot. Use our D&D Session Zero Guide to help game masters and players get started quickly and efficiently!